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Sujaan Shrestha

Sujaan Shrestha is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is pursuing her BFA degree, from Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Art and Design. She was awarded the Shivata Talent Award in 2018. Her artwork has been exhibited in many renowned galleries from Nepal.

Nikash Yonjan

Nikash Yonjan born in Kathmandu, Nepal. His artwork has been exhibiting in many exhibitions, groups nationally, and internationally. One of his Performances called “Fishing Kathmandu” was featured in Nepali newspapers such as Kathmandu post, Himalayan Times, and gained national headlines. He was also a part of the International Art camp in Bangladesh showcasing his work in Kushtia.

Anisha Shrestha

Anisha Shrestha, Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree from Uniglobe College, specialization of Banking and Insurance. She enjoys exploring and enhancing herself in different factors necessary in today’s lifestyle. She being an introvert is willing to help the Terha family achieve their goal with any possible help she can offer from her side and also learn new things from the family members to enhance her as a human being. And as per her hobby she enjoys cooking new dish whenever she's free.

Santoshi Dhakal

Santoshi Dhakal is hard-working and energetic personnel, currently focusing on establishing her status in the field of entrepreneurship. She has completed her Master’s degree in Sociology and Political Science. She is also pursuing her BA LLB degree, from Nepal Law Campus, Putalisadak. She had worked in Omkaar Dental Hospital as an assistant and also worked at the Administrative official level in GCI, Naxal.

Samyang Nembang

Samyang Nembang is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Social work from Ambition college. She has been doing intern as a part of college requirements in different NGOs and INGOs like SOCH Nepal, CWIN, Snowyak foundation, etc. She wants to be able to empower, advocate, motivate, connect, and encourage resilience.

Nirvita Shakya

Nirvita Shakya is a visual artist, enrolled in BFA stream in Kathmandu university, school of arts. She works with various mediums and has done works in textiles, recycled objects, and materials and explores new forms in art. She also writes poems and likes dancing. She participated in the Samayojan 18 Junk Art Competition and Exhibition. She was involved in the ‘Health Transformed by Art’ project. She also taught creative activities held in Srijana College of Fine Arts and also participated in a performance art program based on New Media Arts with Visual Artist C.C Chang and Chen, Siao-Chi from Taiwan.

Sarina Maharjan

Sarina Maharjan, has completed her intermediate level and has worked for Hope magazine and some other photoshoots. She is currently working as a professional makeup artist and is also working at Shree Ratna Gahana Gold Shop.

Rajshree Bajrachraya

Rajshree Bajrachraya is a student in Dubai, UAE. She is studying in 9th grade from Gems Our Own English High School, Al Warqa. She has acquired many positions in the school such as School Council and Prefect. She is fond of singing and has been a part of various singing competitions in Dubai.

Shaili Malla

Shaili malla is an art student studying fine arts at kathmandu University. She loves doing illustrations and landscapes. Her works have been exhibited at various galleries.

Unnati Maharjan

Unnati Maharjan has recently graduated from LACM with a specialization in BBA Marketing. She is an inquisitive person who enjoys traveling. She has traveled places as Annapurna base camp, Langtang Valley, Mardi, etc, and is planning for more. She is fond of sports and has participated in many competitions. With the zeal in marketing, she has been working as Business Development Officer in Felt and Yarn Pvt Ltd since 2019.

Subhicha Gurung

Subhicha Gurung is an illustrator and a graphic designer based in Pokhara, Nepal. She graduated with a BFA degree from Kathmandu University School of Arts; Department of Arts and Design. She illustrated and exhibited a children's storybook "Bhunti's Trip" in the KU BFA exhibition in 2019. She also illustrated a digital children's storybook "Bag bhariko rahar" for OLE NEPAL in 2019.

Jyoti Prabha

Jyoti Prabha Marasini has completed her bachelor's degree from St.Xaviers and is currently pursuing her master’s degree from Kathmandu University. Her hobbies include cooking and learning new things.

Shradha Devkota

Shradha Devkota, a Fine Arts graduate from Kathmandu University School of Arts, identifies herself as a visual artist. Although a graphic design and communication major at school, she feels more inclined towards photography and occasionally designs, paints, and writes poems. Shradha aims to keep her work afloat and trusts her instincts while also questioning the existence of images beyond their two-dimensionality. Besides taking moody abstract photographs, she is currently exploring self-portraits within and beyond what photography can portray.

Priyanka Singh Maharjan

Priyanka Singh Maharjan is a visual artist and an Art Facilitator. She completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Kathmandu University in 2018. Her art practice is mostly inspired by the memories and attachment to her surroundings. She has participated in a few group exhibitions including national exhibitions, she had her works showcased in Kochi Student Biennale 2018-2019. She is currently working as an art facilitator in Srijanalaya, a non-profit organization dedicated to an alternative form of art education in Nepal.

Doma Lama

Doma Lama is an Admin officer/ trainer by profession.
Education background: Master in Accounting, Master in business administration. Winner of speech competition 2012, the best student of the year 2015, best marketing team member 2017. Love writing, public speaking, traveling & exploring. The goal is to grow and help others grow.

Jaya Rajbhandari

Jaya Rajbhandari, a seventeen years young student at The British College A-levels, completing her second year. She has taken part in a dozen Model United Nations, a couple being International conferences, and also won many of them. Besides, she also shows keenness in extra-curricular activities like art, dance, and public speaking. She has an immense passion for compassion thereby she has been a part of many organizations like Women lead, Teraha organization, and Outreach club.

Bipin Banjara

Bipin Banjara is a Freelance photographer, writer, and a filmmaker. He is currently doing his bachelor’s in media studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts. He enjoys creating art in the form of photographs, videos, movies and even writing pieces. He has had his hands on making films and documentaries for various national and international platforms. His main goal is to paint a better picture of the world through videos and pictures. He also writes poetry and is  obsessed with all literature and art-related things and he spends his free time watching movies and reading a lot of books.

Sumit Dangol

Sumit Dangol is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is pursuing his BFA degree, from Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Art and Design. Currently, he is in his 3rd year, studying majorly in studio arts. His hobbies are collecting antique materials and photographing them. His artwork has been exhibited in many galleries of Nepal.

Saujan Khapung

A musical enthusiast with a keen interest in photography, Saujan Khapung has done his undergraduate in Economics from Kathmandu University. In his spare time, he can be found tending to his pet plants or staring at his laptop's screen to find the next best move at online chess. When he isn't taking photographs or playing guitar, he loves to read and ponder on topics related to economics, philosophy and spiritualism. He takes pleasure in sharpening his critical thinking and investing countless hours on debates.

Amogh Parajuli

An artist and a radio presenter, Amogh Parajuli is a graduate from Kathmandu University School of Arts and is currently working as a Designer at Khalti. He is an experienced muralist whose artistic skills expand to graphic designing, motion graphics, illustration and photography. Besides his artistic endeavours, Amogh has always been a music lover who likes to sit with his guitar and pour out inspiration he gets from people surrounding him. He believes the origination of great idea begins with simply sketching it down or tuning it out.

Aman Shahi

Aman Shahi is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal who is yet pursuing his BFA (Graphic Communication) degree from Kathmandu University School of Arts. He has been the official photographer of the PechaKucha Night Kathmandu since 2019. His artwork was selected and exhibited at Nepal Art Council for National Academy of Fine Arts. His photographs have been selected by the Chaudhary Group for the collection at the Hotel Taj Vivanta, Jhamshikhel, Lalitpur.

Hitesh Vaidya

Hitesh vaidya is a visual artist based in Bhaktapur with an interest in the visual and communicative potential of the objects and space working without the limitation of medium to convey ideas. Also a founding member of Akrit Collective, a group of young contemporary artists based in Bhaktapur. He believes that human experiences are enraptured in the things people use and space people live in; it becomes a basis for connecting happenings of the past existing in fragments of memories one can have.

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